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Help Others And You Help Yourself

There are so many benefits to doing voluntary work, both personally, ethically and professionally. My own experience of volunteering began modestly, helping out with fund-raising events at my children’s primary school. The pleasure of organising school discos and preparing the … Continue reading

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

The title of this blog is actually also the song title of one of my favourite songs by The Clash and I think very apt for how some people may be feeling this week as the EU referendum looms on … Continue reading

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Above any other form of health issue, mental wellbeing is an issue that is largely misunderstood. It carries a stigma, one that perhaps we are all guilty of perpetuating knowingly or unknowingly – “don’t tell her/him, she’ll go MENTAL!” – … Continue reading

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The disease of our time

Dementia does what is says on the tin; this cruel, unrelenting disease dements the sufferer and concerned relatives alike. From the initial stage of mild depression, possibly introvert behaviour and an absent mindedness that we all (without exception) display throughout … Continue reading

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We Will Remember Them

The most significant event for me this week wasn’t the Scottish referendum, or the unusually balmy(and barmy!) September weather or even J Lo’s new music video (please don’t watch it if you already haven’t – especially if you’re a woman … Continue reading

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